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1.Steel parts and castings:
steel parts are GB 40crmo (German Standard 40crmo4) alloy steel manufactured by famous steel plant, and formed through the heat treatment, cutting, cylindrical grinding, cadmium coating, high-frequency quenching and other processes, the Superficial Rockwell Hardness can reach 60 degrees, so it is featured by the advantages of strong strength, extra wearing, hard to break and deformed, and large bolt stress; the castings are casted according to GB QT500-7 (German Standard GGG-50) by famous casting company, so it is featured by the advantages of high purity, less impurity, high ball rate, hard to break and deformed, firm and wearing, the requirements for the machining precision of castings are extremely strict, adopt high-performance CNC machining center of digital processing, the template verticality. parallelism and other hard indexes must reach the design requirements, the template and rod of the injection molding machine that reaches this standard are featured by even stress, small wearing, hard to break, high precision, less product fin, and long service life.
2.lnjection molding machine frame:
excellent injection molding machine shall begin from frame. Hai-Shi injection molding machine frame adopts cutting by advanced laser cutting machine and overall bending process, the skeleton square tube of table-board and bottom plate of the frame shall adopt overall bending process without any splice weld points, pole adopts full welding process, and high-strength multi-point support, the frame quality reaches the international advanced level (the frames of Hai-Shi injection molding machine and international famous brands of injection molding machines come from the same supplier, so they have similar design philosophies and frame weights, most international famous brands of injection molding machine manufactures adopt such frame); the whole injection molding machine is featured by stable running, small vibration, fast, the product manufactured has high precision, and is hard to leak.
3.Prevent oil leakage:seal
component adopts high-quality Britain "Hallite" seal component, it is featured by not deformed from 40 degrees below zero to 120 degrees above zero, anti-acid-base, anti-aging, and long service life; the assembly and grinding have strict standards; in addition, high-quality high-density copper tube cooler has been adopted with good sealing and cooling effects, the working oil temperature in Summer is extremely low; high-pressure pipeline adopted imported Portugal "Buffs" pipeline, the pipeline used rubber possesses excellent purity and formula, the pipeline is featured by many wire layer in the pipeline, large density, good tenacity, anti-high-temperature, and anti-high-pressure, and anti-acid-base, as well as extra long service life; pipe joints adopt high-quality No.45 steel, which goes through the CNC processing, adopt 24-degree cone double sealing technology from the aspect of engineering machine, so the user basically finds no oil leakage; since all oil piping system has high standard requirements for the assembly cleanliness. Hai-Shi injection molding machine seldom finds blocked valve phenomenon; the machine lubricating system is excellent, oil supplying pressure is large, and is equipped with lack of oil pressure detection alarm system, the machine can't be forced to start without the lubrication status, which effectively prohibits the wearing hazard; Part 01 is equipped with manual lubrication device, make the lubrication easy.
4.Beautiful appearance:
product appearance is designed by renowned industrial design company, metal plate adopts Baosteel Group's st12 car-grade cold rolled steel plate, metal plate is formed through the automatic digital punching and stamping processes, the corners and openings are neat and beautiful; pressure gauge adopts Taiwan Skon gauge; the label is fabricated to be exquisite and grand, the nameplate takes total stainless steel materials; plastic spray adopts ultra-high-temperature Matt baking plastic, the color is bright and fine, which demonstrates to be a high-grade product.
5.Configuration is durable:
after many years’ usage, the internal leakage of Taiwan "Yuken" valve is very small, nearly likes new valve, which possess quick sensor response speed, and various indexes are excellent; the designed usage life of electronic scale (conductive plastics technology) is ten years, which shall be replaced within three years. It seldom occurs unstable data phenomenon, heating ring adopts imported and advanced heating wires, when the temperature reaches 300 degrees above, the color remains unchanged, the heating life is long; the key apparatuses are the enhanced ones from France Schneider and Japan Panasonic, coupling is formed through heat treatment and processing by 42crmo alloy steel, which effectively prevents the broken state; the screws adopts the high-strength ones from famous manufacturers' Top-grade-12.9 435 (alloy steel) materials; the standard confiquration of servo injection molding machine is Japan Sumitomo pump, Italy Phase motor, Inovance advanced controller, national

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