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Injection molding machine


product description:


This Servo drive machine is  Special designed For your PET Preform Processing applications . this series of machinery is fast ,accurate and has Excellent Repeatability .This THREEPLAST injection molding machine can help you reach a maximum producibility on a wide range of products . with a Nitrided + Alloy plating  Special PET Preform  screw & barrel . wear-resistant screw tip. High strength tie-bars and rigid platens . it all adds up to a unit ,that will stay the course ,giving consistently high quality and with the most complex of molds . 


 High Speed Valve Response , reliable continual operation and optimum energy savings .

 Excellent Wear-Resistant , corrosion resistant screw & barrel for the processing of materials with fiber additives and also fire retardant materials .

 Screw Driven by high torque ,variable speed ,radial piston motor.

 PID Temperature Control insures an accuracy of +/-1℃,thus the fluctuation of the temperature is very minimal . Cushion Monitoring can help the operator to check the quality of the product. I.e. if the injection end position is under the allowed tolerance that means that the product is within necessary required quality . 

 Proportional Valve control for pressure and volume settings.

 Unique , Ultra Reliable . five point toggle clamping mechanism which is characterized by an almost ideal kinematic velocity feature .

 Mold opening and closing speed are digitally set in 4 stages , each with variable adjustment on pressure , volume and position . 

 Injection Speed profiles digitally set at 5 selectable stages by time or distance . holding pressure by 4 stages and charging by 6 stages . 

Product Details

Injection Unit  
Screw Diameter In 2.76
mm 70
Screw L/D ration L/D 26
Shot volume  in3 80.82
Cm3 1347
Shot weight (PS) g 1594
oz 56.22
Injection Pressure psi 25955
Mpa 179
Max screw speed rpm 154
Clamping Unit  
Clamping Force KN / T 3500 / 350
U.S.ton 352
Opening stroke In 25.98
mm 669
Tie-bars distance In 25.98 X 25.98
mm 660x660
Max.mold height In 26.77
mm 680
Min.mold height In 9.84
mm 250
Ejector Stroke In 6.3
mm 160
Ejector force KN 62
U.S. ton 6.82
Pump power Kw 55
HP 73.7
Heating capacity Kw 22.8
HP 30.55
Oil tank Capacity Litre 690
Machine Dimensions In 271.65 X 72.83 X 92.52
m 6.90 X 1.85 X 2.35
Machine weight Kg 12000
Lbs 26400