Blow molding is a common method for manufacturing hollow thermoplastic products

Update:24 May 2018

Blow molding is a common method for manufacturing hollo […]

Blow molding is a common method for manufacturing hollow thermoplastic products. The main products are tubular membranes and hollow vessels. The blow molding machine can plasticize the preformed product by heating and then blow it into the mold. This method is mainly used for high speed and high yield PET bottles and
BOPP bottle production, that is, two-step process; blow molding can also be combined with injection molding process to become a pull injection machine, which is also a common method for producing PET containers; the blow molding process can also be combined with the extrusion process, extrusion The scope of application of blow molding equipment is more extensive, and more products can be produced. The products include multilayer composite films and various types of polyolefin hollow containers, which are widely used in the food, pharmaceutical and cosmetics industries.

The film blowing machine melts plastic particles and blows them into a film.
There are many types of film blowing machines, including PE, POF, and so on.
The new material blows out the new material. The color is said to be clean and the bag is stretched.
Some people also use recycled plastic bags to make particles. Such particles are generally called old materials. When they are made into particles, they are usually gray. When making bags, pigments are usually added to make the bags unevenly colored, brittle and easy to break. The price is lower.
Although it is a recycled plastic bag, it is generally a big difference between the waste bag in the bag making process and the plastic waste in the usual sense.

Film blowing machine consists of 1 motor, 2cylinder, 3head, 4dies, 5v plate, 6 pairs of wheels, 7 smooth wheels, 8 pairs of wheels 2, 9wind these nine parts
Raw LLDPE and LDPE temperatures are 160--180 degrees
HDPE temperature is 210-230 degrees

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