Horizontal injection molding machine has normal maintenance

Update:28 Mar 2019

The horizontal injection molding machine is one of the […]

The horizontal injection molding machine is one of the common injection molding machines. Because the machine itself has a low center of gravity, the majority of consumers will be more stable during installation. In addition to this there are many excellent features. However, it is also very important to have normal maintenance methods in order to make these auxiliary machines with better performance. Let's take a look at what maintenance techniques are available.

    First of all, in the maintenance process, you must know that the barrel of the equipment and the screw and the check ring are important parts. To make the machine work well and work quality, the working condition of the equipment itself should be kept good. Because it is a horizontal injection molding machine, it is necessary to avoid some debris entering the flow, and the gap between the barrel, the check ring and the screw should also be checked. The gap in the normal state can be sheared, and if there is a problem, it is not detected in time, or the important parts are damaged because it is not processed in time.

    Secondly, if some used injection molding machines fail and are unstable during the production process, they may be caused by errors in adjusting the settings or by the wear of the parts themselves. For example, at work, it is found that the horizontal injection molding machine has abnormal noise, which may be caused by damaged parts or due to improper adjustment. We can look at the sound from the noise to check the part.

    In the mailbox of the horizontal injection molding machine, if there is insufficient hydraulic oil, some dirt will be blocked, so that the oil shortage of the oil pump will be more serious, and the style will also impact the blade, and the noise will naturally occur. . In this case, the amount of oil can be checked to avoid the entry of air and the oil filter is cleaned.

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