How to choose the injection molding machine?

Update:23 Nov 2018

In general, customers who have been in the injection mo […]

In general, customers who have been in the injection molding industry for many years have the ability to judge and select the right injection molding machine to produce. However, in some cases, the customer may need the assistance of the manufacturer to decide which type of injection molding machine to use. Even the customer may only have the sample or concept of the product, and then ask if the manufacturer's machine can be produced, or which model is compared. Suitable for.

In addition, some special products may need to be combined with special equipment such as accumulators, closed loops, injection compression, etc., in order to produce more efficiently. It can be seen that how to determine the right injection molding machine for production is an extremely important issue. The following information is provided to the reader for reference.
Important factors that often affect the choice of injection machine include molds, products, plastics, forming requirements, etc. Therefore, the following information must be collected or provided before making a selection:

Mold size (width, height, thickness), weight, special design, etc.
The type and quantity of plastic used (single material or multiple plastics);
Appearance dimensions (length, width, height, thickness), weight, etc. of injection molded products; molding requirements, such as quality conditions, production speed, etc.

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