How to debug the basic problems of the injection molding machine

Update:30 Nov 2018

One:Not full (lack of material) 1. Insufficient injecti […]

One:Not full (lack of material) 1. Insufficient injection pressure; 2. Insufficient pressure; 3. Insufficient injection time; 4. Insufficient feeding (stocking); 5. Shooting position is too small; 6. Injection The end position is too small; 7. The injection speed is not fast enough; 8. The temperature of the nozzle and the tube is not enough; 9. The mold temperature is not enough; 10. The drying temperature and time of the raw material are insufficient; 11. The injection cycle is too fast, and the preheating is insufficient; Uneven material mixing; (back pressure is insufficient, insufficient rotation speed) 13. Insufficient fluidity of raw materials; (product wall is too thin) 14. Insufficient mold exhaust; 15. Uneven feeding of mold; 17. The cold material port is too small, the direction is unreasonable; 18. The plastic flow direction in the cavity is unreasonable; 19. The mold cooling is uneven; 20. The injection molding machine oil path is not accurate and not fast enough; 21. The electric heating system is unstable and inaccurate; 22. The nozzle is leaking and there is foreign matter stuck; 23. The inner wall of the tube, the screw is worn and the fitting is poor;

Two;The burr (flash) 1. The injection pressure and pressure are too large; 2. The clamping pressure is not enough; 3. The back The pressure is too large; 4. The injection and holding time is too long; 5. The material delay and cooling time are too long; 6. The shutdown is too long, not Hot material; 7. Injection pressure. Keeping pressure too fast; 8. Screw speed is too fast, plastic shearing, friction overheating; 9. Feed tube temperature is too high. Casting; 10. Die temperature is too high, cavity cooling Uneven; 11. Injection stroke debugging is unreasonable; 12. Pressure-holding switching point, the injection end point is too large; 13. The mold assembly combination is not tight; 14. The mold has foreign matter, the mold adjustment position is insufficient; 15. The clamping mechanism is not parallel 16. Accurate; thimble lubrication, insufficient maintenance; 17. Slider and inclined guide column are not in place; 18. The cavity insert is not pressed into place, and the die surface is extended; 19. The design of the feed port is unevenly distributed; 20. The product design leads to the inner wall being too thin and too far at the end; 21. The small insert combination is unreasonable and prone to deformation; 22. The insert is worn, deformed and rounded due to production; 23. The insert is not designed Stabilization, non-cohesion, reinforcement; 24. Exhaust tank in the cavity is too deep;

Third, air bubbles (air sores) 1. Injection, pressure is insufficient; 2. Back pressure is too small, raw materials are not solid; 3. Injection speed Too fast; 4. The storage speed is too fast; 5. The temperature of the material tube is too high, the mold temperature is too low; 6. The material drying temperature and time are insufficient; Retreat too much; 8. Injection cycle is too long; (preheating time increases) 9. Insufficient feeding position, injection end point is too small; 10. Front and rear retraction position is too long; 11. Machine oil pressure is unstable; Tube, screw compression ratio is not enough; 13. Raw material feeding, uneven mixing; 14. Material tube countercurrent, dead angle; 15. Mold feed port is too small, the cavity flow is not fast enough; 16. Cold material well design, cold The material enters the cavity; 17. The mold is not properly cooled, the temperature of the mold is too high; 18. The inner wall of the product design is too thick, and the internal stress is not uniform; 19. The raw material additive is improper and easy to be resolved;

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