How to operate the injection molding machine

Update:19 Oct 2018

First, the job preparation 1. Check if the raw material […]

First, the job preparation
1. Check if the raw material supply of the feeding system is normal.
2. Prepare the process documents and record forms required for injection molding
3. Check if the robot and the conveyor belt can operate normally.
4. The foreman arranges to operate the operating staff of the machine and do appropriate counseling.
5. The operator prepares the containers and packaging materials for the required products.
6, the operator cleans the robot conveyor belt and his own work desktop
Second, security requirements
1. Wear protective equipment as required before going to work.
2, do not allow clothes to be uneven and wear slippers into the production workshop
3. Obey the "Safety Operation Rules for Injection Molding Workshop"
4. The new employee will be trained in the “6 defense” safety in the injection workshop within one week after entering the job.
5, mental state is not good or not allowed to work after drinking
Third, the boot step
1. The technician opens the injection molding machine and sets the temperature according to the process parameters to heat the injection molding machine for 30 minutes.
2. Carry out the mold according to the requirements of the production schedule
3. Adjust the position of the mold opening and the position of the robot. The position of the robot and the position of the mold are kept at 5-10 cm.
4. Adjust the position of the manipulator clamp to correspond to the position of the product rod
5. Check whether the parts of the injection molding machine and the robot are loose and then start production.

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