How to protect the hydraulic part of multi-color injection molding machine

Update:21 Dec 2018

Preventive maintenance and maintenance is important for […]

Preventive maintenance and maintenance is important for multicolor injection molding machines, including preventive maintenance and maintenance including electrical as well as mechanical and hydraulic components. Take the hydraulic part, how can we protect it?

    First of all, we should see that its oil is insufficient. It is necessary to know that the insufficient amount of oil in the multi-color injection molding machine will cause the oil temperature to rise, and it will also allow the air to enter the oil, affecting the work of the hydraulic system and affecting the quality of the oil. If there is a problem of insufficient oil, then it should be "the right medicine", which may be caused by the loss of the repair process, or it may be caused by an oil spill. Therefore, in normal times, it is necessary to see if there is any oil leakage problem. If there is any, the seal should be replaced, or the joint should be tightened. After the staff has repaired it, it is necessary to check the oil quantity. Just add it in time.

    Second, it is also important to check the temperature. The working temperature is most suitable in the range of forty-five to fifty degrees Celsius. If the temperature is too high, the internal parts will be accelerated. However, if the temperature is too low, it will not be too good, so the energy consumption of the equipment will be too large. The speed of the machine is greatly reduced. Therefore, it is very important for the staff to observe the oil temperature during normal times.

    Finally, pay more attention to the oil quality of the fuel tank in the machine. The main observation is its oxidation, and oxidation is related to temperature. However, we should also choose the most suitable oil quality, and regularly check the oxidation of the oil used. If it exceeds a certain working time, we need to actively replace the oil.

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