Injection molding machine control system features

Update:17 May 2018

Injection molding machine control system features: 1. A […]

Injection molding machine control system features:
1. Adopt advanced factory computer control;
2. Self-diagnosis fault function;
3. Input data such as pressure, speed, time, travel and temperature directly;
4.LCD color LCD display (as shown below);
5. Centralized lubrication;
6. Pressure coupled oil circuit saves power;
7.24V DC hydraulic pressure direction valve coil will never be damaged;
8. Mold cooling water regulating device;
9.M.C.B. Insurance thermal control;
10. Advanced computer control system, large screen display, operation interface, clean and easy to use;
11. High-precision electronic ruler stroke control, accuracy up to ± 0.1mm;
12. Improve reproducibility by using pressure and oil feedback;
13.Three safety devices of mechanical, electrical and hydraulic pressure, which can guarantee operator's safety in any situation (PD60-PD148 optional oil pressure);
14. Improve reproducibility and operability by installing superior position sensors;
15.Using closed-loop control to achieve ultra-precision molding.
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