Safety certification for injection molding machines

Update:17 Aug 2018

The overhaul of the equipment means that the damage of […]

The overhaul of the equipment means that the damage of the equipment is very serious or the damage is very serious, and the mechanical performance is significantly reduced. At this time, the overhaul is performed, such as the mechanical performance of the machine is significantly reduced, the fuel consumption is increased, the operation is not working, and the sound is sounded. Under the condition that the abnormality or the equipment can not play the normal production performance, a comprehensive and thorough recovery repair method is adopted. At this time, the overhaul should be carried out according to the regulations, and the progress of the work should be arranged at the same time.

In the process of overhaul, there will be the possibility of scrapping, and the maintenance professional will be responsible for the implementation. There must be records and acceptance. For equipment that exceeds and is close to the end of life, a certificate of overhaul acceptance should be provided before installation, and a record of scrapping should be made at the same time.

Vector control provides high torque output at low frequency. The main drive motor of the extruder mainly drives the screw to rotate after being decelerated by the parallel shaft helical gear reducer. When the running speed is changed below the fundamental frequency, it is constant torque speed regulation. In the past, the V/F control type inverter was used. Since the starting torque of the load should be considered, the corresponding torque boosting level should be set. If the torque boost setting is too high, the excitation will be too large at low frequency and light load, which may cause The motor is severely heated, which affects the stable operation of the equipment.
Using the SAJ-8000 series of speed sensorless vector inverters, the self-learning function can be used to observe the motor parameters, which not only ensures good output characteristics of the motor at low frequencies, but also reduces the automatic energy-saving operation function of the inverter itself with the change of torque. The output current not only saves energy, but also eliminates the possibility of the above work hazards.
3 Torque limit and slip compensation are automatically set according to the motor configuration, and the speed control accuracy is as high as 0.1%.

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