The raw material of plastic pipe is plastic

Update:22 Jun 2018

The raw material of plastic pipe is plastic, and China […]

The raw material of plastic pipe is plastic, and China joined the World Trade Organization on December 11, 2001, becoming one of its members. In 2008, the tariff of plastic raw materials had dropped to 6.5%. The reduction or elimination of non-tariff measures will have a greater impact on the plastic pipe market. Imported raw materials will be more affordable for plastic pipe enterprises due to lower tariffs. However, this is not the case in the long run. Their own raw material plants are paralyzed, and foreign countries must monopolize and raise prices, and they are ultimately constrained and affected. Lost or us.Plastic injection machine

Although plastic pipe production has been progressing and has made considerable progress, there are still four problems involved in the overall level of the company's plastic pipe production lines (light industry and building materials):

First, it is the low degree of industrial concentration and the unreasonable corporate structure;

Second, the product structure is backward, the grade is not high,

Third, it is a technology development system with a low level of production technology and a weak development capability that does not form independent intellectual property rights;
Fourth, the level of management is relatively low, and the efficiency of enterprises is poor.
To this end, it is recommended that the plastic pipe production industry (petrification, light industry, building materials) be responsible for the supply of basic raw materials, important products, and technical equipment. In an important position in the national economic construction, after China's accession to the WTO, it has faced the impact of the largest foreign high-end and mid-range products entering the Chinese market.

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