The road to the development of plastic machinery

Update:02 Aug 2018

Self-declaration: It is the enterprise that tests and i […]

Self-declaration: It is the enterprise that tests and improves the products of its own company according to the corresponding directives and standards of the European Union through its own testing equipment, and issues certificates to itself in the name of the enterprise itself, and prepares necessary technical documents and saves them. Get up for later review by relevant EU organizations.Plastic machine

Summary: It is easy to obtain a CE certificate in the form of self-declaration, but the company will also bear a lot of risks in the future. For domestic manufacturers, self-declared certificates are extremely ineffective in the market. Generally only used for products with lower risk. Disadvantages of third-party certification (certification body does not have EU authorization): The certificate does not recognize this certificate in the EU market, including the customs, which means that the validity of such a certificate is extremely low. If there is a product quality problem in the future, the enterprise More responsibility is assumed, and no authorized organization has less responsibility.

Third-party certification (the certification body has EU authorization): It is through the EU-authorized institutions (such as SGS, EVPU and other certification bodies) to test and issue concurrent certificates. This model is the highest model in CE certification. High, the EU regulations on the mechanical part of the first chapter of the mechanical scope of application, placed in the market and free circulation of Article 4 wrote that "European Union member states should not prohibit, restrict or hinder the products approved by the EU authorized third-party agencies in It is put on the market and put into use in its territory." According to the contents of the EU regulations, the validity of the certificate issued by a third-party authorized by the EU is quite high. Moreover, if quality problems arise during the use of certified products in the future, the third-party agencies authorized by the EU shall bear important responsibilities.
Due to the plastic machine produced in China, there are two modes of automatic and manual feeding on the feeding method. However, the robot is used to automatically cut the material in the cutting method. Therefore, the control computer of the press has manual, Semi-automatic and automatic three-state selection, and such a press is a dangerous machine. However, some certification or consulting companies do not have the EU authorization to manufacture plastic machinery for dangerous machines. They use two methods to deceive the plastic machine manufacturers.

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