There are many classification methods for plastic machinery

Update:20 Jul 2018

 There are many classification methods for plastic mach […]

 There are many classification methods for plastic machinery.

According to the strength of the mechanical size, it is divided into: large plastic machine, strong plastic machine, extra large plastic machine.
According to the different objects, it is divided into: beverage bottle washing machine and mineral water bottle washing machine.
The PET material is relatively hard, so the plastic mechanic used is different from the PE PP film type plastic.
From cleaning, dehydration, drying, and granulation, there are gaps in principle.

Tri-crystal inverter editing
The plastic is plasticized into a uniform melt by an extruder, and under the pressure established in the plasticization, the screw is continuously cooled, and the head is extruded quantitatively and at a constant pressure. Most of the thermoplastics use this method. Screw extruders come in many different models and sizes. The most common extruders are screw extruders. The main machine drive of the AC drive can fully meet the process requirements of the extruder and achieve the necessary process control indicators. After years of actual operation, the operation is stable, the product adaptability is strong, and the economic benefits are obvious.

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