What are the common problems and solutions for injection molding machines?

Update:25 Oct 2018

(1): No mode-locking: Treatment method: 1): Check the s […]

(1): No mode-locking:
Treatment method: 1): Check the safety door front stroke switch and repair it.
2): Check the 24V5A power supply in the electric box, and replace the insurance and power supply box.
3): Check if the spool is stuck and clean the valve plug.
4): Check if the I/O board has output and whether the solenoid valve is energized.
5): Check if the hydraulic safety switch is pressed and the mechanical lock lever is open.
(2): Opening and closing machine squeaking:
Treatment method: 1): Check if the lubricating oil pipe is disconnected. If it is, the oil pipe must be reconnected.
2): The amount of lubricating oil is small, increase the amount of lubricating oil. It is recommended to use 50 mold oil once or manually add enough lubricant.
3): The clamping force is large, check whether the mold requires large clamping force and reduce the clamping force.
4): The current of the amplifier board is adjusted, check whether the current parameters meet the acceptance criteria, and re-adjust the current value.
5): Parallelism is out of tolerance, check whether the parallelism of the first two plates is greater than the acceptance standard with a dial indicator; adjust the parallelism.
(3): Wait a few seconds to open the mold:
Treatment method: 1): The starting speed is slow, check if the screw damping is too large, and adjust the screw damping hole.
2): The middle hole of the damping screw is too large. Check if the damping of the Y hole screw is too large, and change the damping pin of the center hole.
(4): Open the mold to crawl:
Treatment method: 1): The two-plate guide rail and the Corinthian column are worn out. Check the two-plate guide rail and the Golin column, replace the two-plate copper sleeve, and the Colin column, and add lubricating oil.
2): The pressure of the open mold is not properly adjusted. Set the flow rate 20. When the pressure is 99, the two plates should not crawl. Adjust the flow proportional valve hole or the pilot valve hole to adjust the linear current value of the proportional valve.
3): There are air and exhaust in pipes and cylinders.
(5): Open the mold and do not move:
Treatment method: 1): Increase the speed of opening the mold, the pressure flow is too small, adjust the speed of the mold, check whether the pressure is appropriate, increase the pressure and speed of the mold.
2): The zero-position of the clamp-mode electronic ruler is checked, and it is checked whether the clamp-off straightener is terminated at the zero position and the electronic ruler zero is re-adjusted.
3): Check if the hinge is reversed.

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