What are the conditions for injection molding machine processing

Update:22 Mar 2019

1 According to the molding product of the injection mol […]

1 According to the molding product of the injection molding product, it is necessary to guarantee the accuracy of the one-time feeding amount.

2 According to the plasticizing conditions of raw materials, there is a relatively stable heating and heating device.

3 According to the nature of the raw materials for plastic products, the screw structure suitable for plasticizing is selected.

4 In order to guarantee the plasticizing quality of raw materials, the screw work should have a certain back pressure.

5 According to the necessity of plasticizing the molten state of different raw materials, it is necessary to inject a molten material into the forming mold to have a certain injection pressure and moving speed.

6 The clamping force must be greater than the expansion force of the molten material in the cavity of the injection molding die.

7 According to the performance of the melt, the mold temperature is scheduled to control the cooling and solidification molding speed of the molten material in the mold.

8 The melt flow channel in the mold should be smooth and smooth, with a certain degree of draft. According to the change of the product, if necessary, there must be a product ejection device.

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