What are the dangers of operating the injection molding machine

Update:04 Apr 2019

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Injection molding machine screw barrel injection molding machine screw

Feed zone - This area is not subject to iron rods or other foreign objects due to the rotation of the screw.

Tube cover area - This area is the raw material heating area, the temperature is extremely high and there is a risk of electric shock.

Spout area - This area is where the high pressure of the material is shot and there is a risk of splashing.

Mold area - This area is a high speed mold and high voltage switch action area, which is quite risky. In addition, the raw material may also be ejected from the mold clamping surface of the mold, and special care is required.

The mold area - with strong mechanical action, requires special care.

Clamping mechanism - with high-speed and powerful mechanical action, special care is required.

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