What are the main components of the injection molding machine?

Update:12 Oct 2018

(1) There are three main functions of the clamping devi […]

(1) There are three main functions of the clamping device of the clamping device: one is to achieve reliable opening and closing of the mold; the second is to ensure sufficient locking force during injection and pressure keeping to prevent plastic parts from overflowing; Demoulding. The clamping device is a device that ensures that the mold is completely closed and the mold is smoothly opened and closed according to the process requirements. During the injection molding process, the mold can be reliably closed under the action of the clamping mechanism under the condition that the high-pressure melt enters the cavity. The clamping device is mainly composed of a clamping mechanism, a demolding mechanism, a mold adjustment mechanism, a template, a tie rod and the like. The front and rear fixed templates are joined by four tie rods to form an integral rigid frame. The moving template slides between the front and rear templates. Usually, the demolding mechanism is located on the rear side of the movable platen. When the mold is opened, the mold can be ejected from the cavity through the demolding mechanism in the mold. A mold adjustment mechanism is also installed on the movable template or the fixed template, and the thickness of the mold can be adjusted to meet the requirements of different thickness molds. Due to the different structure of the injection molding machine, the different ways of production control, and the complexity of the plastic parts, there are currently three types of clamping devices: mechanical, hydraulic, and hydraulic. The mechanical type generally uses a crank arm or a mechanism that uses a lever as a moving arm to realize mold opening and closing. This type does not meet the requirements of the molding process and is rarely used now. This book will not be introduced. The action requirement for the mold clamping is: from fast to slow before the mold clamping, the plastic parts are slowly opened after molding, and then quickly reset to protect the mold. Short molding cycle.


(2) Injection device The injection device has three main functions: one is to uniformly heat, melt, plasticize and reach the flowing state of the plastic; the other is to inject a quantitative amount of molten material into the cavity under a certain pressure and speed; Third, after the injection is finished, the molten material in the cavity is kept under pressure and fed into the cavity. In order to accomplish the above functions, the injection device is mainly composed of a plasticizing mechanism, a hopper, a nozzle, a barrel, and the like. The plasticizing mechanism is an important part of the injection molding machine. It homogenizes and plasticizes the plastic. The common plasticizing mechanisms are mainly divided into two types: plunger type and screw type. When the plastic enters the barrel from the hopper due to its own weight, it is heated by the heating element of the heating element outside the barrel and the plasticizing mechanism heats the material to become a uniform melt, and then enters the cavity through the nozzle.


(3) Drive device The main function of the drive device is two: one is to provide the required power when the injection molding machine is operated according to the process requirements; the other is to meet the requirements of the force and speed required for the moving parts to move. Most of the drives currently in use are hydraulic drives. It is usually composed of a main circuit that controls the pressure and flow of the system and a sub-circuit that is operated by each actuator. The components that make up the circuit mainly include: pumps, filters, flow valves, pressure valves, steering wheels, speed control valves, stroke valves, accumulators, indicating instruments, switching components, and the like. The injection molding machine is hydraulically driven and stable and reliable. It is compatible with the control system and is easy to automate the injection molding machine. The hydraulic components can be installed in the machine body, which is compact in structure and beautiful in appearance. At present, the mechanical structure of the injection molding machine is not much improved, but a lot of research and improvement has been carried out on the hydraulic drive and control, so that the injection molding machine has higher precision, more reliable work and energy saving.

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