What are the three major systems of injection molding machines?

Update:01 Nov 2018

One: injection system There are three main functions of […]

One: injection system
There are three main functions of the injection system: one is to uniformly heat, melt, plasticize and reach the flow state; the other is to inject a certain amount of molten material into the cavity under a certain pressure and speed; After that, the molten material in the cavity is held and fed into the cavity.
Two: clamping system
There are three main functions of the clamping system: one is to achieve reliable opening and closing of the mold; the second is to ensure sufficient locking force during injection and pressure keeping to prevent plastic parts from overflowing; the third is to demould the plastic parts.
Three: control system
The control system is the brain of the Dekoma injection molding machine, which controls the various actions of the injection molding machine, enabling them to effectively control and adjust parameters such as time, position, pressure and speed according to pre-programmed procedures.

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