What does the injection molding machine operator do?

Update:09 Nov 2018

The injection molding machine operator, commonly known […]

The injection molding machine operator, commonly known as "beer", needs to use thermoplastic or thermosetting materials to produce plastic products that conform to the shape of the product set by the company. With a certain degree of danger, a qualified injection molding machine operator needs to understand the working principle, structure, operation flow of the injection molding machine, the structure and installation of the injection molding machine.

The injection molding machine works quickly under the conditions of strong, high speed, high temperature and high pressure. The injection mechanism is a high pressure, high speed and local high temperature machine. Special attention needs to be paid to the following hazardous areas:

  Feeding zone: This area has screw rotation, so do not put iron rods or other foreign objects.

 Pipe cover area: This area is the raw material heating zone, the temperature is extremely high and there is a danger of electric shock.

 Spout area: This area is where the high pressure of the raw material is shot and there is a danger of splashing.

Mold area: This area is a high-speed mold and high-voltage switch action area, which is quite dangerous. In addition, raw materials may also be ejected from the mold clamping surface, requiring special care.

Die area: With strong mechanical action, special care is required.

Clamping mechanism: It has high-speed and powerful mechanical action, so be careful.

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