What happens when a small injection molding machine produces noise

Update:20 Feb 2019

Small injection molding machines emit noise during work […]

Small injection molding machines emit noise during work, often representing damage to parts of the machine, or some improper adjustments made by the staff. We can find out the cause of the noise, and repair it in time.

    Reason one: insufficient hydraulic oil. It is necessary to know that if there is not enough hydraulic oil in the fuel tank of the small injection molding machine, the oil pump can easily absorb the outside air under working conditions, or it is easy to absorb some dirt to cause the oil pump to block, which is no different from the oil on the fire, so that the oil is lacking. The situation is even more serious, and it will also cause bubbles in the oil to exert impact on the blades, and noise will naturally occur. How to solve this situation? We need to check the amount of oil to avoid the ingress of air and dirt.

    Reason two: high viscosity. The viscosity referred to here is mainly hydraulic oil. If the viscosity of the hydraulic oil is high, the resistance caused by the flow is relatively large, so based on this situation, our staff needs regular inspection and timely replacement of the hydraulic oil.

    Reason 3: When working in a small injection molding machine, if noise is generated, it is probably caused by damage to the motor blades or damage to the bearings of the oil pump. Under the influence of the deviation of the concentricity, the noise naturally occurs. . This requires the staff to check the concentricity or replace the parts.

    If the above points are eliminated rather than the main cause of noise, then we should consider whether the filter element is clogged or worn, and should also ensure that the working current is sufficient and stable, otherwise noise will occur.

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