What is the future industry trend of plastic machines?

Update:12 Jul 2018

Industry Trends (1) From the development of plastic pro […]

Industry Trends

(1) From the development of plastic products, provide all-round services such as products, process recipes, equipment and after-sales service to plastic machinery users.
(2) According to the requirements of users, design and manufacture suitable equipment for users to solve their technical difficulties.
(3) Timely draw on the technological development of relevant industries and apply all kinds of latest scientific and technological achievements to the industry. Such as the electronics, communications industry and automotive industry, the scientific and technological achievements of the aerospace industry.
(4) Keep up with the progress of materials science and adapt new equipment to the processing of new raw materials.
(5) The key factor to establish the success or failure of users in the market competition is the concept of equipment, striving for high speed, high efficiency and energy saving of equipment operation.
(6) There are cases of optimization and restructuring between enterprises, but there is no such large-scale alliance of large chemical companies. Due to the maturity of foreign professional cooperation, the scale of plastic machinery manufacturing enterprises will not be too large.
Domestic trend
(1) Breaking the boundaries of the original industry, the service of plastic machinery for various industries has been fixed and developed in depth, and thus it is possible to guide the transition to market consumption, but it must be noted that guidance must be the right direction.
(2) Under the condition of permission, through various means, including joint ventures and cooperation, continue to learn from foreign advanced products and processes and equipment to develop Chinese plastic presses and improve the technical level.
(3) The domestic mid-to-low-end market capacity will be squeezed smaller and smaller. Some enterprises have been divided and reorganized. Some enterprises will reduce the proportion of plastic machinery and switch to diversified operations. Some enterprises will avoid domestic vicious competition and open up foreign markets.
(4) Social professional collaboration will gradually mature. Some manufacturers will concentrate on making the business bigger in a certain local market.
(5) Individual forward-looking and powerful enterprises began to increase investment in science and technology, accelerating the absorption of high-quality management and scientific and technical personnel, in order to further develop and strive to compete with the world powers.

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