What is the main danger zone of the injection molding machine?

Update:11 Jan 2019

The injection molding machine works quickly under the c […]

The injection molding machine works quickly under the conditions of strong, high speed, high temperature and high pressure. The injection mechanism is a high pressure, high speed and local high temperature machine.

The main danger zones of the injection molding machine are as follows:

Feeding area: This area has no screw or other foreign objects due to the rotation of the screw;

Pipe cover area: This area is the raw material heating zone, the temperature is extremely high and there is a danger of electric shock;

Spout area: This area is where the high pressure of the raw material is shot and there is a danger of splashing;

Mold area: This area is a high-speed mold and high-voltage switch action area, which is quite dangerous. In addition, raw materials may also be ejected from the mold clamping surface of the mold, requiring special care;

Supporting area: has strong mechanical action and requires special care;

Clamping mechanism: It has high-speed and powerful mechanical action, so be careful.

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