What is the safety certification of plastic machines?

Update:23 Aug 2018

With the continuous development of the plastic machine […]

With the continuous development of the plastic machine production industry, the sales volume of plastic presses continues to rise, and the exporting countries have also expanded from the original Southeast Asia and the Middle East to developed countries and regions such as Europe and the United States. In order to better cope with trade technical barriers and expand the international market share of China's presses, many presses have launched CE, UL and other safety certifications. However, due to the lack of understanding of safety certification, many problems have arisen in the selection of certification bodies and certification processes, and even deceived. As the only plastic machinery inspection institution of plastic machinery, it shoulders the responsibility of guiding the development of the industry. It is obliged to use the professional technical ability of the center to introduce the safety certification knowledge for the majority of plastic machine manufacturers, thus promoting the plastic machine industry. We will overcome trade technical barriers and improve international competitiveness. Considering that the safety certification that most companies need is the EU's CE safety certification, the following will be the key introduction.

CE is the abbreviation of French Conformitē Europēeme (European Conformity Assessment) and is a mandatory safety mark for the EU. The basis for assessing whether a product can be circulated in the EU market is whether the product has been affixed with the CE mark. Once the product is affixed with the CE mark, it indicates that the product meets the basic public safety, health, environmental protection and consumer protection requirements of the European Union. The EU currently has 27 member states: Belgium, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Germany, Greece, Spain, Estonia, France, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Austria, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Finland, Sweden and the United Kingdom, as well as Turkey, eager to join the European Union. The EU has issued 22 directives (the directives can be defined as European laws, higher than the technical regulations of the member states), and the products involved are: electronic and electrical products, mechanical equipment, simple pressure vessels, toys, construction products, personal protective equipment. , medical equipment, gas stoves, pressure equipment, etc. Plastic injection or compression molding machines for manual loading and unloading in plastic machinery are classified as dangerous machinery by the European Machinery Directive because of their high degree of danger. The CE must be certified by the Notified Body (EU authorized body) before the CE mark can be posted. And used in the EU for sale.

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