After-sales Service

1. Three FOC Service

Free of charge to assist to install machine

Free of charge to test machine

Free of charge to train engineers or operators

2. 24 Hours*7 After-sales Service

"There are 24 hours*7 after-sales service in the head-quarter of our company , If anything wrong with your machine , what you need is call us and we would provide you with timely after-sales service ."

24 Hours*7 telephone of customer support center: +86-574-89007733 or Mobile: +86-138111111111111

3.Remote Network

"Log onto the website, and you could get the online service support. Anything about machine repairing
or techinical difficulties, you would surely get a reply with satisfactory by emailing to"

4. Pay a Return Visit Regularly

"In case of Necessary or Customer require Our after-sales service persons would regularly pay a return visit to your machines to have them
checked and maintained. During the visit, they would resolve the difficulties in your usage of the machines and get your feedback and
suggestions to the company."

5.A Lifetime Repair Service
All customers that have bought Haishi injection moulding machines would be provided with a lifetime repair service of the machines.

Ningbo Yinzhou Damei Machinery Co.,Ltd

Address:Mingtang-ao Industrial Park, Wuxiang Town, Yinzhou District ,Ningbo ,ZheJiang Province .China.---315111

Tel: +86-574-88402758

Tel: +86-574-89007733

Fax: +86-574-89007718



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